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Fotos von Kastoria Pelzmesse 2013

Fashion Videoclip

Fashion-Clip von der letzten Beteiligung Filimegas Furs in der 33. International Fur Messe von Kastoria


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Wenn Sie zuvor in Kastoria, Chalkidiki oder Katerini besucht haben unseren Showroom und Sie waren nicht in der Lage, einen Pelzmantel zu kaufen, oder wenn Sie warf einen Blick in unseren Katalogen und Pelz Sie eine bestimmte Pelz Design gefallen hat, oder ob Sie gern unsere Entwürfe auf dieser Website oder irgendwo anders präsentiert und Sie möchten, um es zu kaufen, aber Sie sind nicht in der Lage, uns direkt zu besuchen, dann geben Sie uns einfach an oder senden Sie uns eine E-Mail und wir werden es Brauch, die Sie gemacht.





How should I take care of my fur coat?

Fur-coats and hats require care, not only during wearing but also during storage. The following advice will help you maintain your fur items, so as not to lose their natural shine, thickness and saturation of colour for a long time.

  • The most important rule on the preservation of a fur-coat – you should wear it as often as possible during the season, and let it “breathe” in frosty winter air. Outdoor only improves fur qualities, whereas the closet makes it suffocate.
  • When you get back home, shake your coat well from snowflakes, and hang it on a wide hanger in some open space.
  • In case you got into the rain in your fur-coat, don’t panic. Just shake off the drops of water and dry it out in the room, without heaters around. After drying, you can fix the fur with a metal brush.
  • Be careful when you sit down in your fur. Spread it every time you sit down to avoid typical crumpled spots. Also, avoid putting your handbag on your arm or shoulder, as fur can easily rub out under the straps.
  • Do not put your perfume straight on the fur surface as it keeps scents for a very long time and the alcohol in perfumes can ruin the hair structure.
  • During summer time, it is advisable to put your fur in special fur-refrigerator storage where the necessary temperature and humidity are maintained. In case you don’t have such an opportunity, store your fur properly at home – in a dark place, covered with a cotton case, with some free space around.
  • Never keep the fur in a plastic case! Use moth-repellent substances, dried orange-peel or tobacco leaves to protect furs from insects.
  • Don’t have your fur coat dry-cleaned very often. You can remove some light stains from the hairs with a wet sponge, gently rubbing it, without making the pelt wet.


How can I check the quality of the fur coat?

  • The pelt should be lustrous, supple and well-matched. Feel the fur for a dense, soft under-fur, evident to the touch, under the glossy guard hairs which should be soft, never bristly.
  • The seams should be sewn tightly.
  • The hems should fall straight.
  • Be sure to try on the garment to see if the weight is comfortable for you. You may be surprised at how lightweight many fur coats actually are. A well-made fur will be well-balanced and will fall evenly and comfortably from your shoulders.
  • There should be a give to the leather side of the fur when horizontal tension is applied.


How many seasons will my fur coat last for?

The purchasing of a fur is a long-term investment, so each customer expects his fur coat to be in a good condition for many years, shiny and stylish as on the day of the purchase. However, the quality of the fur depends on many factors, such as the type of the animal, the storage conditions, the factory guarantee, the sewing technology and others. Generally, there are a number of seasons for each type of fur, which are guaranteed in case you treat your fur coat in the right way.


Can I have Tax Free refund after buying a fur coat in Greece?

The purchase of fur items excludes VAT in the whole of Greece; this applies to all non-EU customers. You don’t have to manage Tax Free Refund in the airport, because the price of your fur doesn’t include VAT 23% in the first place.


What is the procedure of passing the borders of Greece upon departure with the fur garment?

There are no special demands by the Greek Customs from the tourists that have purchased fur in Greece. The Customs office checks only that the departure doesn’t exceed 90 days from the day of the purchase, according to the Greek law. Therefore, a Voss representative can meet the customer at the airport’s check-in. In this case, the customer should follow our representative to the Customs and hand him in his receipt slip, as well as the fur garment. Our representative will show the receipt for the retail transaction, the customer’s slip and the garment to the Customs officer to complete the process, which is held to confirm that the company indeed sells fur garments to foreigners.


end faq


Rohstoffe sind von größter Bedeutung in der Pelzbranche . Die Auswahl muss daher auf strenge Kriterien. Nerz, Zobel, Luchs Katze, Chinchilla, Fuchs und Swakara sind ein paar von den Fellen von Filimegas Furs ausgewählt. Rohstoffe des Unternehmens werden von anerkannten Auktionen in Amerika, Skandinavien, Kanada und Russland beschafft und werden am oberen Fell Gerbereien in Europa und Amerika behandelt. Darüber hinaus sind alle von Filimegas Furs verwendet Skins sind Original-Assured Farmed Skins.


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